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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Group 6's Helpful Sites

U.S. Small Business Administration
The U.S. Small Business Administration's homepage. It features many of the resources, links, documentation and insight into the steps necessary and the choices ahead of you when starting your own small business.

Distribution: Starting a label
The British Broadcasting Company put together a basic but helpful how-to on starting a label, with considerations, descriptions and documentation to help you get started.

Record Label Resource Directory
A great resource of contacts, radio stations, promoters, publicity and
whatnot to help you get your artists to the next level.

RCRD LBL is a network of ad supported online record labels and blogs offering completely free music and multimedia content from emerging and established artists. This is a cool web site where your label or artists can join.

12 Solid Steps to Starting A Record Label The Right Way
This web site covers the 12 steps of starting a label, from the business model to paying artists.

Session 2: The Business Plan
This site will help you become familiar with a business plan and goes through the process of writing one. Something every new company needs to know.

One Stop Business Licensing and Permitting Center
This website is exactly what it says it is. It's a one stop shop for all of your start up needs. It includes checklists, forms, FAQ's, even a page dedicated to share why other businesses fail. One of the major benefits of this page is that it helps you to decide what to chose as your business entity. This is run by the state of Alabama, yet every state has one that is unique to that state and its requirements.

This site is tailored to helping individuals starting their own label. It includes many links that will guide you through the process in area's such as, choosing a name, choosing a lawyer, writing a business plan, copyrights and trademarks, types of deals to offer, this list goes on. This site starts at conception to start up and has all of the information one would need for starting their very own record label.

Running and Independent Label: Artist House Interview
This website features an interview with Michael Caplan, president and co-founder of OR Music. He discusses how to run an independent label and some trials and tribulations he encounters. Though he has the taste of a major label, he enjoys to attention he is able to give 4 or 5 artists per year at his indie label. One of his biggest difficulties is getting radio airplay and the cost of doing business.

Deals That Await Successful Independent Music Labels
This article by Christopher Knab, an independent music business consultant, explains the type of deals an independent label may encounter when collaborating with a larger label. The article
describes deals including P&D, Distribution Only, Fulfillment, Piggyback, Production, Joint Venture, and Equity Deals. Licensing by major labels, licensing to major labels, and rights buyouts are also explained.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Group 4’s 10 Helpful Links

Submitted by Christina Adams, Austin Davis, Becky King, and Matt Schithuis

Fans Pre-fund Releases - This tool allows musicians to get fan support in pre-funding album releases by announcing what they need in order to follow through with the release and allowing fans to pledge a donation amount.

Sell Things That People Want - This site provides good information about marketing music, stating that fans are no longer buying music because they want to hear it, necessarily, but because they want to own that physical product and feel involved as a community with others. Input from indie label, Asthmatic Kitty.

Releasing EP Before Signing - Providing advice for college students starting an indie label, this site includes valuable information on marketing, sponsorships, management, and income.

How To Start A Record Label - This site offers suggestions on developing a business plan, licensing, promotion, and pressing new products upon getting involved with the upstart on a new record label.

Starting An Independent Label and Getting Artist to Sign - When starting a new record label, this site would be helpful in figuring out how to acquire new artists to sign to the label. How to start on a small budget, having a well-rounded business plan, setting up financial accounts, and developing a sound marketing strategy are points covered in the article.

Before You Start A Record Label -- This site goes more in depth as far as distribution, promotion, and actually working with the bands that are affiliated with your label.

6 Steps To Starting An Indie Label - Again, this article provides necessary steps in building up your new record label. It stresses the importance of funding and trademarks and registering a domain name.

Tips For Starting an Independent Label -- This article discusses the importance of making full use of your connections within the industry, or pulling all of the strings that you possibly can, and keeping overhead to a minimum.

Ask The Experts: How To Start an Indie Label - This article offers advice on the degrees and technical skills that are imperative to your success when starting a record label.

How to Start and Run the Ultimate Profit Producing Record Label - This is an outline by Ty Cohen, public speaker and former owner of Platinum Millennium Publishing. It offers a constructive timeline and plan for starting the ultimate profit producing label.

Group 5's Helpful Links

Legal Zoom -Offers many legal services, including advice and options on how to form a business. Your business can even be formed straight from their site.

Public Relations Ideas -Provides tips and pointers on how to properly get good public relations in various mediums. Covers everything from blogging to press kits.

United Record Pressing
-This site is especially good for labels wanting to release vinyl. Located in Nashville, United Record Pressing will not only press your record, but are equipped to include a free digital download package with it.

Curly and Spike Custom Merch -A merchandise site that allows you to put your band's name on everything from standard t-shirts and buttons to Zippo lighters.

MorphiusDisc Manufacturing -Offers CD duplication, website design, and a range of other services associated with pressing an album. They also do artwork and mastering.

Record Label Resource -A complete crash course of what it takes to run a label. Also includes lists of newspapers, college radio stations, alternative weekly papers, distributors, booking agencies, and almost everything else you might think of.

Lala -One of the newest in digital streaming technology, lala allows users to stream an album once and then they have the option of buying it. Great way for bands to be discovered.

Talk Music Biz -Tips for indie artists and labels on lots of topics like marketing and indie label set up. Includes videos for each topic discussed.

Indie On The Move -Includes a venue database in which members of the site rate and review venues they have played. Also helps acts book tours without the help of a booking agent.

Media Web Source -Has articles on various music business topics and help for bands/labels putting together press kits and other promotion tips.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Group 2's Helpful Sites

Rap Coalition's Intelligence Program - This site is a great resource for artists looking to distribute their own music. Pressing, street teams, artist development, and foreign licensing are just a few of the topics discussed.

BBC Humberside: Setting up a label - Find out the do's and don'ts of getting your label off the ground, according to top industry professionals.

Music Biz Academy - This link will take you to a list of 25 things to know about distribution. It covers everything you need to know, from finding distribution, to keeping your distributor happy.

Artist House Music - Whether you are an artist who wants to get signed to a label, or an entrepreneur who wants to start a label, watch the videos on this site to understand the functions of a label.

Record Label Resource - This site offers an incredible wealth of music business information and music industry contacts. It's perfect for those starting an independent record label.

Guerrilla Music Marketing Suggestions - If you are in need of some unusual, but effective marketing strategies for artists, check out this site.

Customer Licensees - ASCAP discusses common music licensing terms that will come in handy for those new to the music industry.

Business Owner's Tool Kit - If you want to start a business, but don't have any money, check out this site for tips on financing your endeavor.

Business Incorporation - This site explains the most common business structures, and aids in the registering of your business.

Digital Music Business - Get tips on how to succeed in the digital music business from industry professionals.

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